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Fridge Logic in “Torchwood Children Of Earth: Day One”

As promised, here’s what I had to say about “Day One” in the It Just Bugs Me Page for Torchwood at TV Tropes.

In Children of Earth, why did the government try to kill Jack by destroying the Hub?
  1. Why try to assassinate someone known to be (a) effectively immortal and (b) probably the person on Earth most experienced in dealing with aliens in general and the 456 specifically? It would make more sense to stick him in solitary confinement — that way he can’t spill the beans about 1965 but he’s available to have his brains picked if necessary.
  2. It was pointless to silence the witnesses to the previous visit of the 456 without knowing whether or not the aliens were going to keep the secret — which they didn’t.
  3. Those in power were ignorant of the Hub’s contents (hence the would-be infiltrator in Day One). For all they knew, somewhere in the Torchwood archives was a box labeled OPEN IN CASE OF VOMITING ALIENS WHO WANT TO SNORT OUR KIDS.
  4. Shhhh, we don’t want anyone to know aliens are coming! I know, let’s turn the subterranean headquarters of the alien-fighting organization that everybody in town knows about into a smoking crater! Nothing suspicious about that!
  5. What about the rift? Now the authorities have no means of tracking it or dealing with what comes through. It would serve them right if Nyarlathotep turned up.
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