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The Laughing Academy
A Life of Noisy Desperation
Weekend forecast: 100 per cent chance of sirens 
19th-Jun-2009 06:38 pm
Tomorrow is the Coney Island Mermaid Parade (which I’ve mentioned previously). Apparently Flansburgh misspoke — he and his fellow Might-Be-Giant, Linnell, will not be filling King Neptune’s throne; instead, that honor goes to Harvey Keitel(!) and Daphna(?). Fingers crossed that the rain holds off for one day.

Meanwhile, this weekend’s midnight movie at the Sunshine Cinema is Splash, possibly the last good film Ron Howard ever directed,* with Daryl Hannah as the mermaid, Tom Hanks as a lovelorn produce wholesaler, John Candy as his feckless brother, and Eugene Levy as an obsessed cryptozoologist. As a kid I spent many, many hours in pools trying to mimic Hannah’s dolphin-style swimming technique, so I’m definitely going to take the opportunity to see this one again on a big screen, though I suspect some of the jokes will have aged badly.**

* Okay, I’ll give you Parenthood and Apollo 13.
** Holy smoke, according to IMDB it’s a quarter-century old!
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