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The Laughing Academy
A Life of Noisy Desperation
Thoughts on the Smallville season finale 
20th-May-2004 12:31 pm
Ah, they went for the Godfather ending.

So, Lana goes to Paris and Chloe walks into a fireball? What kind of f*cked up system of justice is at work here?!?

Speaking of fire, I bet the Kents have the Smallville Fire Department on speed-dial.

You know, if I were Lex, I would never drink anything that hadn’t been poured from a sealed bottle (checked for needle punctures and then opened as I watched) into a freshly cleaned glass. And even then I’d still probably have someone else take a sip from it first.

Mm, nekkid!Clark.

The most traumatic moment by far was watching Lionel lose his glorious mane.
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