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Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

SPN 4.20, “Rapture”

    • It was immediately obvious that the guy in the warehouse was not Castiel. Well played, Mischa!
    • Oh man, his hair.
    • I wish they hadn’t taken the addiction route. It would be more interesting if Sam was just in it for the power.
    • The moment they showed Jimmy’s blonde family I knew they were demonbait. Whenever I see a towheaded girl character I expect her eyes to go white.
    • Jimmy declining to say grace — wow, apparently the surest way to suffer a crisis of faith is to spend time with an angel.
    • Sam, save the nice lady and the little girl from the possessed neighbors and boost a car for them, but don’t give them any anti-demon mojo? FAIL.
    • For a split second, I thought the girl had been possessed by Ruby. Oh my God, how awesome would it have been if Sam taken his hit of demon blood from Jimmy’s daughter?!? I am a sick, sick person. Also, kudos, unknown child actor!
    • Ooh, felt the bit and lash, did we, Cas? (I wonder if Heaven is subject to time dilation like Hell?)
    • Coming soon! Lost Weekend: Winchester Edition.

Bonus thought: So the capacity to serve as an angelic vessel is “in the blood,” i.e., an inherited trait. (Nephilim? How did angels have sex with beings who couldn’t see or hear them without suffering debilitating injury?) Meanwhile, the blood of humans possessed by demons have magical properties. Conclusion: in the SPN!verse Lamarckian evolution is a viable theory.

Bonus bonus thought: So, Jimmy is married. I wonder how many Dean/Castiel ’shippers are plotting Novak!divorce!fics right now?
Tags: pseudoscience, spn, tv

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