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A Coney Island State of Mind - 2007 Mermaid Parade

So, the green SAVE Coney Island halters turned out to be tank tops in two sizes, too small for anyone or large and waaaaaay too long; my left pinkie toe blistered and a strand of my fishnets dug deep underneath the nail of my right big toe; the judges began waving our group past the stand before the third and final verse; and when I returned to the pre-march waiting area after the parade my bag was gone.


The tops were easily cut short or, in my case, folded up; the foot injuries didn’t manifest until after I’d ponied, high-kicked, and hully-gullied the full route; we damn well stayed put and danced through the last verse (despite the MC’s despairing cry, “The parade is three hours long!”); and I had my keys, cash, cards, and camera on me.

Overall, I’m counting the 2007 Mermaid Parade as a win.

EDIT: Adam Savage of MythBusters was this year’s King Neptune? And I didn’t see him?!? *despairing howl*

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