Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢ (laughingacademy) wrote,
Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

HEROES 1.19, “0.07%”

What I liked

• Ahh, Candace. Twenty seconds into the episode, and you had me screaming “DIE, BITCH!” at the TV. Love to hate ya, baby!

• Bennett/Parkman Psychic Tag Team FTW! “Okay, the banging will have alerted the guard—” “WHAT?!?” And later, at the Burnt Toast Café: “Wait, you don’t know who signs your checks? You’re middle management...He’s a schlub like us!” Hee!

• Peter Petrelli vs. Sylar: Clash of the Titans, pt. 1!

• Claire and Grandma Petrelli: “You get that mouth from me.” Hee!

• Nathan Petrelli on his mother: “She warms up...sorta.” HEE!

• R.I.P., Isaac. Alas, teh hott was not enough to save you. I love that Sylar can now paint the future, but can’t actually paint. (Unless he’s meant to be a member of the naive/Fauvist school.)

• Hiro and Ando in the future: OMG, dude. The endearingly low-tech 2-D post-apocalyptic cityscape! The Kilkenny Cat’s Cradle! The schwing! of drawn katanas! EEEEEEEEEE!

• Next week: Dystopia 2012! *fistpump*

What bugged me

• Mr. Bennett: Um, dude? Where’s your wife and son? Shouldn’t you check on them before hopping a Greyhound to the Big Apple?

• Mohinder, you returned Peter’s body to his family...without killing Sylar first? ARRRRGGGGGGHHHH!

• D.L., some advice: If you think you might need to remove your son from the custody of your super-strong, split-personality assassin wife, don’t tell her first. Pack your bags, toss them and the kid in the car, and then, maybe, leave a note.

• Similarly, Niki/Jessica: When the nigh-omnipotent crimelord asks if he can feed your son milk and cookies (and use him to destroy a major American city), you smile big and say, “Sure thing!” Then you pack your bags, etc. Alternately, shoot your way out.

Welcome back, show!
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