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Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

HEROES 1.17, “Company Man”

A world of *flail!*

Hey, Eric Roberts! A reliable genre guy. Also, he played the Master opposite Paul McGann, so I’m giggling like mad. The Doctor and the Master are co-workers!


To paraphrase Clue, I say it’s Mr. Nakamura, on the Deveaux Building, with baby Claire, and AAHHHHHHHHHH wee!Hiro!


So Claude takes two bullets and then either quietly makes his escape, or clings to the bridge until Mr. Bennet leaves. Claude is HARDCORE.


At last, Mrs. Bennet has a first name! Hi, Susan!


Half the neighborhood saw extra-crispy Claire, and the Haitian is, presumably, no longer on the payrole. Primatech is gonna be paying some serious overtime.


“You look like my dad.” And then he has himself mindwiped so Claire can get away clean! *sniffles* Aw, Mr. Bennet...


Teaser: SIMONE IS UP AND TALKING HOLY SHIT. Hopefully this means the character will no longer suck.

ANDO! ANDO IS BACK! And in guard? police?...uniform. I will bet you any sum you care to name that he will somehow save Hiro’s ass in the ep.

Nathan vs. Jessica! Rock!


Re: the Rise of the Silver Surfer commercial: If there weren’t any Mr. Fantastic/Invisible Girl/Human Torch threesome fics already, there certainly are now.
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