Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢ (laughingacademy) wrote,
Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

Those Winchester Boys, in 3/4 Time

When not angsting over my job situation (AIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!), I’ve been listening to music and exploring the burgeoning Supernatural fandom. Specifically, I’ve been playing the Brock Mumford song “Sign Me Up” (requires Real Audio) and wishing I had the wherewithal to make a vid:

The succotash is bubblin’
And the tide is risin’ fast
Got a fat and lazy junebug on the line
Still nothin’ feels like livin’
Let’s go visiting the past
We’ll go crawling through the wreckage
Won’t that be sublime?
(Gonna have ourselves a time)

The flapjacks are a flappin’
To the daisy’s dreary din
The butterflies are buzzing in the breeze
But time is runnin’ out
And the tide is rollin’ in
All nature’s fair and square in four
Our love’s in crooked threes
(Now you’ve got me on my knees)

So, sign me up
If you’re offering another dance
Sign me up
I’m a little broken down
I’m blind enough
To waltz out upon that killing floor
Oh that’s the ache I adore
So sign me up

Swaddle me in sackcloth
Fill my head with stones
Buckshot for my eyeballs
Scatter prairies with my bones
Swell my heart with lava
Sink it sickened in the harbor
Tell my mother and my father
That she left me all alone

Gut me like a porgy
Stick me like a pig
Pluck my limbs like petals
Bundle them like twigs
Bleed me like an ulcer
Call the kittens to their saucer
Make the mangy dogs an offer
Might they even give a fig?

Then sign me up
If you’re offering a broken dance
Sign me up
Please don’t let the music end
Cause I’m blind enough
To step out upon love’s killing floor
Oh it’s the ache that I adore
So sign me up
Yes that’s the ache I adore
So sign me up

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