November 18th, 2010

Yuletide - Narnia

Yuletide 2010 letter

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! I've never written one of these missives before, but I am requesting some extremely rare fandoms this year, and if you're game enough to accept the challenge it's only fair I do what I can to make your life easier.

Before I delve into specifics, here are a few basic requests:
  • Please spell everything correctly.
  • Proper grammar is our friend.
  • No out-of-the-blue OOC behavior unless you're prepared to back it up with a convincing argument that draws on canon. You think Character X is secretly a serial killer? Prove it.

Okay! And now, the canon...
Collapse )

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My final requests: have fun, and when in doubt, go for the gusto. I like audacity, and prefer bewilderment to boredom.

Thank you, good luck, and Happy Yule!