May 1st, 2010

Droopy - Hooray

I can go home now.

...five minutes after the posted closing time for tonight's DoV.


Next time they “ask” me to work overtime when I have plans, I am making for the window.
Carry On

And now, some perspective.

I didn't make it to the Swan Lake Masquerade, which is a pity. I was looking forward to showing off my ensemble, and taking pictures of other people's clothes (I'm guessing there were a lot of tights, feathers, and tulle), and watching another performance by Company XIV, and seeing if Galapagos worked better as a venue this time around (the Wonderland Ball was fun, but apart from the moment when members of the crowd got onstage to dance and sing with The Amazing Orchestra there was a much larger divide between the performers and the audience than I'm used to at these parties).

On the other hand, the reason I didn't make it was because I was at my job, which pays overtime, and reimburses my cab fare. Also, my employment gives me health insurance that (myopia and this past winter's Martian Death Flu aside) I don't draw upon very heavily because I have no serious medical issues*. This means I can afford to live in NYC,** and keep myself amused. Furthermore, I have a father and a younger brother, both of whom I could rely on to help me dispose of a body. Not to mention several entertainingly warped friends.

Also, I have chocolate ganache cake.

* That I'm aware of, anyway; I mean, I could be thirty seconds away from a fatal brain aneurysm.

** In Queens, granted. It's the middle borough: not as cool as Manhattan or Brooklyn, better than the Bronx or Staten Island.