April 15th, 2010


Because I don't want to make a YouTube playlist about taxes...

In honor of the US federal and state tax deadline, I present The Laughingacademy List of Great Movie Death Scenes.

Note the First: I am providing links rather than embedding to spare myself and my friends list.

Note the Second: I am putting the identities of the deceased under cuts to avoid outraged shrieks of "SPOILER!" Yes, one could argue that revealing that anybody dies in a given film constitutes a spoiler. Deal with it.

Note the Third: These are onscreen deaths that have stuck in my head. Why? It could be the performance, the dialogue, a special effect, the staging, the way it was filmed, the score, or, most likely, some combination of these factors.

Enjoy. (And feel free to provides links to better versions of these clips, or suggest your own.)