March 17th, 2009


Oh, frak! I’m in!

This, boys and girls, is why you should always put your name on the standby list.
DPI and SciFi Network to present "Battlestar Galactica: A Retrospective"

Through its newly established Creative Community Outreach Initiative (CCOI), the Department of Public Information (DPI) aims to partner with the international film and television industries to raise the profile of critical global issues....

In a second event organized by the CCOI this month, DPI and the Sci Fi Network will co-host a panel discussion in connection with final episode of the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) television series, on Tuesday, 17 March at 7 pm in the ECOSOC Chamber.

The discussion will explore some of the themes that are of importance to both the United Nations and the critically acclaimed television show: human rights, terrorism, children and armed conflict, and reconciliation and dialogue among civilizations and faiths.

The panel will be moderated by Academy Award-winning actress and producer Whoopi Goldberg. Oscar-nominated actress Mary McDonnell, Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor Edward James Olmos, BSG creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore, and BSG creator David Eick will participate in the panel.

I shook the hand of Laura Roslin!

Well, okay, I shook the hand of Mary McDonnell.

Also, Edward James Olmos decried “race” as a concept invented a century ago by one culture to legitimize its attempt to destroy another and got the entire audience to chime in with “SO SAY WE ALL!”