March 4th, 2009

TP - Audrey Algebra

SPIDER DETAIL, in cashmere

Boy, I hadn't realized how long its been since my last post. There's a lot I want to write about — the fantastic Breadlines and Champagne series at Film Forum, which has me working on a three-week sleep deficit; getting a cookie and an autographed skull-shaped vodka bottle from Dan Ackroyd; my latest ljdq appearances (I'm particularly proud of my Van Gogh joke, which mixes historicity with a refreshing lack of taste) — but right now I wanted to...huh. I'm going to post links, but they probably won't work unless you join the site, and they may only be active for the next 35 hours or so.

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In conclusion, if you know anyone that you're willing to spend $1400 on who likes cashmere and has trouble waking up in the morning — you're welcome.
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