February 13th, 2007


Heroes, 1.14 & 1.15

I thought “Run!” was a solid episode, but it didn’t have anything as cool as Claude throwing Peter off a building and then laying him out with one shot to the jaw.

God, but I love Christopher Eccleston.


Are there any good parents on this show?

The Bennetts: “Dad” responsible for multiple abductions and mindwipes, and possibly homicide; “Mom” has been addled by repeated brain-bleachings.

Meredith Gordon: “I’m totally blackmailing your birth father and then running for the border. It’s been real!”

The Petrellis: The late Mr. Petrelli was tied to Big Bad Linderman; Mama has gone from kooky klepto widow to Dragon Lady (“Screw your Texan bastard, you’ve got a political career”); Nathan, father of two three, did the Vegas two-step with Jessica and is also tied to Linderman.

The Sanders: D.L. has good intentions but little experience with fatherhood; Niki is a sex-worker-turned-assassin, but hey, she always cuts the crust off the PBJs.

The Sureshes: Dr. Chandra Suresh had the interpersonal skills of a charging elephant; Mrs. Suresh never told Mohinder, “It’s not that you suck, it’s just that your dad and I never recovered from the death of your older sister, whom we’ve never bothered to tell you about.”

So far the winner is...

The Nakamuras: Papa-san, though hidebound and autocratic, finally accepted that (1) Hiro must pursue his own destiny and (2) his daughter Kimiko is a kickass heir/successor. Plus, he’s George Freakin’ Takei.