February 8th, 2007


Danger: GIP!

Tuesday night, I made the acquaintance of Italian criminal mastermind Diabolik, via a Film Forum screening of the eponymous 1968 Mario Bava film starring John Phillip Law (who does things with his eyebrows that The Rock can only dream of). It’s a comic-book movie, and I mean that in both a complimentary and derogatory sense: stylish, action-packed, devoid of logic. Judging from the smell at least one person in the audience had prepped for the film by getting baked, which probably wasn’t a bad call.

Oh, man — has anyone written Captain Jack Harkness in a skintight burglar suit driving a Jaguar E-type? If no, why not? Because, dayum.
BV - Roses Text

“hi violent”

My spam filter caught a come-on from an online pillpusher with the above subject line.

Must’ve been sent by someone who saw me on the platform of the Myrtle/Wyckoff station this morning when an L train sloooowly came in, stopped, turned its lights off, and backed out of the station.

“Okay,” I remarked to the guy next to me, “now they’re just taunting us.”
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