September 1st, 2006


Omigod, I am *so* there!

Found on newyorkers:
This Week at The Coney Island Saturday Night Film Series, Freaks
Coney Island Saturday Night Film Series: Saturday, September 2, 8:30pm (doors open 8pm)
Coney Island Museum - 1208 Surf Ave. (between Stillwell and West 12th) $5 Free Popcorn! F, Q, N or D Train to Stillwell Ave. Coney Island.

Director Todd (Dracula) Browning’s film starring real-life sideshow performers* is being screened at the Coney Island Museum! Yes, the love scenes between the sympathetic “normal” (i.e. borrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnng) circus folk repeatedly stop the film in its tracks, but they’re overshadowed by two deathless set pieces: the wedding banquet in the big tent, and the freaks’ remorseless purfuit of their would-be oppressors through a thunderstorm.

Gobble gobble, we accept you, gobble gobble, one of us...

* Including Johnny Eck (picture here), whose wonderfully sick variation on the sawing-a-person-in-half trick is described in Ricky Jay’s fascinating book Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women. Some days, I long for a time machine and a video recorder.