July 18th, 2006

Brain Hurts

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Phew! My boss, Melka, unexpectedly left early today, so I am shamelessly abusing my freedom by posting from the education department of Mizani, an ethnically (i.e. black)-oriented professional products line from L’Oréal.

It’s a weird gig. I spend a lot of time making travel arrangements for stylists visiting salons around the country to demonstrate new products. A recent addition to the line is Thermasmooth, “the hottest new way to smooth-pressed hair,” to quote the ad pinned to Melka’s corkboard. The target audience is women with—and here’s another direct quote, this time from my initial interviews with Melka and Rich the HR Guy—“excessively curly hair.”

I managed to refrain from blurting, “Excessive according to who?”, but just barely. They couldn’t have come up with a less disparaging term, like extremely curly or highly textured?

Apparently, Angela Davis has lived in vain.