May 29th, 2006

Spoiler Alert!

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Yesterday I saw X-Men: The Last Stand with my friend Lily. It’s good, but falls short of greatness; I didn’t feel cheated out of two hours of my life at the end, but I did have an acute awareness of opportunities missed.

My primary complaint is that the writers tried to cram two movies’ worth of plot into one, and thus failed to do justice to either. True, as Lily pointed out, this was probably because the lead actors were under contract for only one film, but in a perfect world the mutation cure storyline and the Jean Grey/Phoenix storyline would have each been covered in its own film. As it was, the action and pacing were fine, but the character development consistently felt muted and stunted to me.

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Final judgement: glad I saw it, but I won’t be buying the X-Men DVD boxset, because at heart I’m a DC girl.


Speaking of DC, I read in the New York Times that DC Comics is debuting a Chinese superhero team, the Great Ten. While I’m stoked by the concept—Dude, there will be Shaolin robots!—I am doubtful about one of the team’s members, Mother of Champions. Her power is, get this, giving birth to twenty-five super-soldiers every three days.

That’s her power?” I said to Lily. “Whelping like a rabbit? Also, China’s population isn’t big enough already?”

“Oh my god, you’re such a snarky bitch.”


Finally, I may be a snarky bitch, but I’m a snarky bitch who inspires supercute Jeeves/Wooster fan art.