May 23rd, 2006

BV - Roses Text

Wide World of Temp Jobs

Yesterday, I typed envelopes in the ad sales department of BET (and let me tell you, it was a battle not to crack up when I began addressing letters to the corporate headquarters of Kentucky Fried Chicken, located on glamorous Colonel Sanders Lane).

Today, I was answering phones for the Israel Advocacy and Education department of the Jewish National Fund, where the following exchange took place:
Rabbi Lankin: How’s your Hebrew?

Me: Nonexistent.

RL: You’d think with a name like Shana...

ME: Yeah, but my mother was Chinese and my dad’s family is, I think, Presbyterian.

Can’t wait to find out what, if anything, I’ll be doing tomorrow.


In other news, this evening I attended one of Neill C. Furio’s sadly infrequent shows at the Living Room, after which I said hi to Mike Viola, his lovely wife Audrey, and their adventurous 16-month-old daughter Isabel (sp?), then toddled home for the season finale of House. For the record, I totally called the rip-off of hommage to An Occurrence on Owl Creek Bridge.