May 17th, 2006


Imagine Calendar Pages Fluttering Away

A Quick Recap of the Last Two Weeks

• Sunday, May 7—saw the documentary film The Sci-Fi Boys, then dined with my friend Dave Bernstein; Dave’s client Gary Cohn, creator of Demon Gun; writer/director Paul Davids (who optioned Gary’s comic for film) and his wife; and artist Basil Gogos and his wife.

• Thursday, May 11—was informed that the following day would be my last at Publicis Medical Education Group. While I’m glad the job ran two weeks longer than expected, more warning of impending unemployment would have been good.

• Tuesday, May 16—Axion LLC lines up a two-day gig in midtown.

• Wednesday, May 17—Greetings from the reception desk of NAI DG Hart! There’s a TV! (Granted, it’s tuned to CNN.)