April 1st, 2006

Penguin Cymbals

Skinny, Mopey, and Aerodynamic

I ran across the following in a New York Times article about the annual pre–spring break upswing in anorexia:
The group dieting that is relatively ad hoc among friends and sorority sisters takes a more organized form on the Internet, where spring break has become a popular topic on Web sites and message boards maintained by devotees of a controversial underground movement known as "pro-ana," or pro-anorexia, who sometimes identify themselves in public by wearing red bracelets. There are hundreds of pro-ana Web sites promoting and supporting the "anorexic lifestyle," despite aggressive efforts to shut them down by eating-disorder activists. In addition the pro-anas are also present on social network sites like MySpace.com, Xanga and Livejournal.com, where blog rings topics range as widely as emo music and parasailing.

Am I a bad person if I crack up over that last sentence? Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are no laughing matter, but...emo music and parasailing.