January 14th, 2006

Odilon Redon - Eyeballs Ablaze

Everywhere Eyeballs Are Ablaze

This has been a fun week, aside from the sudden onset of choking green phlegm on Thursday, which probably had something to do with the fact that I spent the better part of Wednesday ice-skating and gossiping with Brian Dewan on the pond at Bryant Park.

Today, having partially regained the use of my voice and lung capacity, I spent the afternoon with Lori and David at the Museum of Modern Art, wandering through the Odilon Redon exhibit, “Beyond the Visible” (closes January 23rd! See it before it’s too late!), and the galleries devoted to “Pixar: 20 Years of Animation” (running until sometime in February. Very cool). Two guesses which show was knee-deep in knee-biters.

If Redon, Salvador Dali, and William Blake met in a bar, they’d have a lot to talk about.
SGA - McKay funny face

Rodney McKay’s Dream "Jeopardy" Categories (Revised)

Yesterday, helenish posted one of her hugely entertaining essays about Stargate: Atlantis. In addition to speculating on the existence of a Craigslist-style online goods-for-cuddles barter system, and Elizabeth Weir’s reaction to same, she borrowed a concept from Douglas Coupland and came up with Dream Jeopardy Categories for John Sheppard and Ronon Dex. Inspired, I in turn commented with:

Rodney McKay’s Dream Jeopardy Categories
1. Idiot subordinates
2. Caffeine & theobromine: the stuff of life
3. Idiot superiors
4. "Science"-fiction (Please shut up about the flux capacitors)
5. Military babes
6. The many, many ways the universe is trying to kill me*
7. Cats

* This originally read, “My better instincts, and how they’re going to get me killed one day,” but when I recited the list to Lily she commented, “I would’ve thought citrus would be on there somewhere.” The new category encompasses Rodney’s health issues and his more heroic idiotic heroic impulses, as well as radiation and sundry irascible aliens.