November 14th, 2005


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Arrrrrrgh. Late to work again this morning. Definitely un-good. Must remember to apologize to Lourdes and ask her if I can work an extra half hour to make up for it tomorrow.

In other news, I’m signed up to write Sekrit Santa stories in the due South and Man from UNCLE fandoms, so naturally I’m building a hutch for...a Lovecraftian Sleepy Hollow bunny.


(Why do so many of my bunnies come with tentacles and/or batwings? Thank God (Ed.—which one?) that none of them have yet seen the light of day...)

Also, I need to beta that Audrey/Cooper Twin Peaks fic. Took a preliminary pass through it, enough to know it needs serious work; among other things, the author consistently misspelled “cab” as “cap.” Dammit, she nearly got me doing it...
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