April 16th, 2005


Still Not King

Also, still not employed. This is worrisome. Fortunately, my friend Irwin threw me a bone in the form of a transcription job, but I really, really miss steady income. I’ve gotten zip so far from the placement agencies, and interviews have been few and far between. *sigh* Nothing for it but to keep sending out my résumé and hope to get a job as a waitress/cashier/clerk/whatever until I can get back into publishing. Or I could get off my ass (metaphorically, since like most people I write sitting down) and actually try to produce some salable copy.

On a funnier note, I metaquoted helenish earlier today. She was a bit frustrated by the limitations of Revlon’s text box for comments, and the final version of her letter, as reproduced in her journal, sounds remarkably like the Hulk.

And finally, in order to cheer myself up I shall use my Watson icon. Good old Watson.