March 24th, 2005

Brain Hurts

Sing about this, Alanis

Yesterday I had a 10 a.m. interview for a job at Hyperion Books and a 3 p.m. appointment at People Finders Plus, a placement agency. Both went well, so I went home footsore but in a good mood, then proceeded to work myself into a frothing rage because I made the mistake of removing my contact lenses without first verifying that my eyeglasses were where I thought they were. I’m sure all my fellow four-eyes out there are familiar with the infuriating process of trying to locate one’s glasses while one is unable to see. I spent an hour going through my apartment. Finally I caved, put my contacts back in, and started using a flashflight in the hope that I’d spot the reflection off the lenses. I finally located my specs under my dresser.