February 22nd, 2005


10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t

1. Sung onstage with Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers. Twice.

2. Persuaded Harlan Ellison to sign my copy of the Neil Gaiman–scripted Babylon 5 episode “The Day of the Dead.” (Note: Apparently Mr. Ellison is notoriously reluctant to autograph B5 parephernalia. The clinching argument was that he was credited as an actor in that episode for voicing all of the Teller character’s dialogue.)

3. Had a pie-tin full of whipped cream thrown at my face. Twice.

4. Been taped singing a Japanese translation of “Consider Yourself” from the musical Oliver! for Japanese television.

5. Gone to school costumed as Marge-Simpson-dressed-as-Catwoman.

6. Ridden the MTA’s vintage subway train.

7. Waded into the Atlantic Ocean on New Year’s Day while whooping like an Indian. (Assuming that Indians are given to whooping OMIGOD IT’S COLD!) (I beg your pardon—Native American.)

8. Offered Mike Doughty a Ring Ding. (Or possibly a Ho-Ho. The memory is a little foggy.)

9. Fired a lead pellet from an air pistol into a wall.

10. Lived on Governors Island. (A former Coast Guard housing base located just off the southern tip of Manhattan.)