August 25th, 2004


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Yesterday I left work early so I could have my annual eye checkup. My doctor told me I’m no blinder than I was last year, which was good to hear. He also recommended I start taking a daily dose of flaxseed oil, which supposedly will ameliorate the dryness and irritation that has affected my eyes lately, and prevent acne to boot. (I don’t get many pimples, but when I do they are total buggers.) (And I don’t mean that in a happy, slashy way.)

Rather than head straight home I decided to check out the current Barneys warehouse sale, where I spent a lot of time reciting my Couture Mantra (You want me to wear what? And pay how much for the privilege?) under my breath as I flipped through the racks. After much dithering I spent $300 I couldn’t really afford on a baby blue jacket from Liquid and a white-and-green jacket and skirt set from Barneys’ own line.

So, much belt-tightening to come. Luckily I’ve just borrowed a load of the Granada Sherlock Holmes DVDs starring Jeremy Brett from the library, so it’s not like I was planning to go out in the evenings anyway.
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