June 28th, 2004


I was going to post...

…an account of the wonderful, wonderful birthday party I had on Friday (despite the rain), which involved the mother of all medleys, learning what I’d weigh on the moon, really good fondue, a Ty plush Godzilla, cranberry soaps, wildly inappropriate karaoke, and the perversity of late-night subway service; and Saturday, when I slept till two in the afternoon and then just puttered until it was time to see B. J. “In Canada” Snowden at the Knitting Factory; and Sunday, when I ate the best pastrami in the Lower East Side and listened to my friend Brian Dewan, his cousin Leon, and a pixie named Pamelia do unspeakable things with a Big Briar theremin and various homemade analog electrical instruments; but I just spent the day hauling unwanted books and file/foul matter out of my office, exposing several square feet carpet to the fluorescents for the first time in over two years, and I’m tired.

Maybe tomorrow.
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