May 17th, 2004


Further Evidence That God Is an Iron*

Tonight I watched the first two episodes of Colonial House on PBS, including the footage of the colony’s first Sunday service. During the three-hour(!) sermon, Bethany, the twenty-year-old daughter of the Baptist minister who is acting as governor of the settlement, spoke at great length about her faith in and reliance on the love of Jesus Christ, her lord and master.

So naturally in the very next segment we find out that her fiancé has just died in a car accident that left one of her brothers in critical condition. Apparently she did a lot screaming when she heard the news.

I must confess, I’m torn between sympathy and spiteful glee. I mean, bummer for her boyfriend and brother, but what timing...! [Or at least editing.—Ed.]

*In case anyone is wondering, the subject head refers to the Spider Robinson story “God Is an Iron,” which he incorporated into the novel Mindkiller. In it, a character remarks that if someone guilty of gluttony is a glutton, then it follows that...[insert story title here.]
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