April 26th, 2004


“Do you know where we’re going?” “To Hell, I hope!”

I spent the afternoon at the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, watching a 35mm Technicolor print of Cecil B. de Mille’s The Ten Commandments, and I’d just like to say that Technicolor rawks! The Ten Plagues of Egypts never looked so good. The reds, the blues, the greens — feckin’ gorgeous!

I wonder if anyone’s made Ten Commandments icons? Shots of Anne “Nefretiri” Baxter panting after Charlton “Moses” Heston, Yul “Rameses” Brenner seething, the unctuous Edward G. “Dathan” Robinson (whose pronunciation of “my little dove of Canaan” struck me as hilarious), or the too-soulful-for-words (and damned well oiled) John “Joshua the Stonecutter” Derek would be nifty.
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