March 5th, 2004


Nautical Mayhem and Canadian Melodrama

Still going over the first pass of the daredevils-versus-giant-prehistoric-shark book. Ai-yi-yi. Thank god for sweet vermouth.

In more cheerful news, last night I got to see Guy Maddin’s newest film, The Saddest Music in the World. It stars Mark McKinney as an expatriate Canadian turned smarmy, down on his luck Broadway producer; Maria de Medeiros as his tapeworm-infested, nymphomaniac, and possibly amnesiac lover and leading lady; and Isabella Rossellini as the legless Winnipeg brewery owner who sponsors a contest to find the titular tune. The movie—shot mostly in black-and-white, with the opening credits and a few keys scenes in startling color—is unabashedly histronic, totally unhinged, and a hell of a lot of fun.
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Feeling better now

Have cheered myself up by listening to the Beatles Let It Be...Naked and Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief, reading a cookie from fearlessdiva’s wonderful Language of Baked Goods, and sipping a bit more vermouth. Considered actually making a Manhattan but could not be arsed to find maraschino cherries, plus it’s probably a bad idea to start on the whiskey since I want to get up early enough tomorrow to catch the Film Forum’s 1:20 double bill of Citizen Kane and Welles’s 30-minute film on bullfighting. Who knows—maybe for once I’ll wake up in time to catch Teen Titans.
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    “There There,” Radiohead