February 26th, 2004


I think the astronaut would win

I also think tonight’s episode of Angel, is Joss Whedon’s latest crack at a recurring theme: that motherhood causes a radical, often alienating, change in a woman’s personality, if not her very identity. Or, in guy-speak, “My wife used to be cool, but since we had the kid she’s become a total mom.”

Consider: Both times Cordy (R.I.P.) was taken over by a demonic personality, it was through a pregnancy. Oh, and there was also that episode in which demons impregnated her and she grew an eye in the back of her head. (Ew.)

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Oh, I should make a distinction between these cases of possession and the Angel/Angelus and Good Willow/Bad Willow situation. In the latter, it’s a matter of their repressed dark sides coming to the fore, as opposed to their being taken over by external personalities.

So, am I onto something, or am I just short on sleep? (Actually, I’m definitely short on sleep, but the first half of the question remains.)
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