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The Laughing Academy
A Life of Noisy Desperation
Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Above All, Love 
27th-Feb-2004 12:46 pm
YES! My Red Curtain Trilogy DVD boxset arrived this morning!

Ordinarily this would guarantee my renunciation of the outside world for the entire weekend, but an Orson Welles festival has just started at the Film Forum, so I won’t be spending forty-eight hours coccooned with Paul Mercurio (whoops, nearly typed Mercutio—wrong movie!) and Ewan McGregor. At least, not this weekend...

Leonardo DiCaprio? Eh. I admire him as an actor, but he doesn’t light my fire.
27th-Feb-2004 06:42 pm (UTC)
hi. i saw that you friended me and just wondered,

WHY I AM SO BORING?? lol. no, seriously, i just wanted to stop by and say hello.
28th-Feb-2004 11:13 am (UTC) - Hi! Wow, my first outside comment!
Thanks for dropping by!

And as for boring, have you read my posts? Basically I’ve gone shopping, watched some TV, and listened to an mp3.


Maybe things willl pick up if/when I start posting slash. I have an HP Harry/Draco bunny, an Orlijah bunny, a PotC Jack/Will bunny, and (God help me) a SW:TPM h/c bunny quietly nibbling away in the back of my head.
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