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*weary groan*

Note to self: never, ever volunteer to work on graphics-heavy guides to teaching infants and toddlers sign language by first-time authors.

God, there goes that muscle between my shouderblades. I want to go home and take a long, hot bath. But that would involve scrubbing the tub first. *whimpers pitifully* So I will settle for a long, hot shower — All hail massaging showerheads! — and then watch one of my videos of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. Ahhhhhhh...It’ll make a nice change from the Murnau films I’ve been watching at Film Forum all week (Sunrise deserves its reputation; the others have been weirdly clunky with fleeting moments of genius that made them worth sitting through, if only just; Nosferatu is yet to come, and hugely anticipated by Yours Truly). And from all the Godzilla movies I watched at Film Forum the week before that (Though I must say that it’s incredibly cathartic to watch men in a rubber monster suits trash scale-model cities).

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