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Dear Yuletide 2011 Author...

Dear Yuletide Author,

Sorry for not posting this sooner; blame the usual end-of-year/final-exam/holiday crunch. If it helps, you can treat everything I say here as recommendations rather than demands. Honestly, I will be tremendously excited to get any story this year. That said, here are my thoughts...

If Hell has frozen over and you've decided to write a Fu Manchu story, you can read what I had to say about the canon in my Yuletide letter for 2010. I will add that this is probably the fandom I want fic for most, because as far as I can tell there isn't any.

If you've picked Twin Peaks, anything goes: any character, pre- or post-series, missing scenes, AUs, crossovers, or straight-up pastiche -- have fun!

If you've chosen American Horror Story, here's the thing: this is my weekly crack fix. It is Grand Guignol on television, a wildly entertaining hot mess of a show. And thanks to its preference for melodrama over logic, and its burgeoning bloody backstory (seriously, at this rate by the end of this season The House will contain more ghosts than Disney World's Haunted Mansion), it's fertile ground for fanfic. Some suggested topics:
  • What are the ghosts up to when they aren't visible? Do they always hang around, imperceptible, and comment on what's going on? Are they only intermittently present and/or aware, and spend some time dormant or in limbo?
  • Has Moira always had the dual maiden/crone manifestation as a ghost? If not, when did it start, and was it gradual or a sudden thing? Did she realize it herself, or was she tipped off by others' reactions to her?
  • The Rubber Man: I was frankly disappointed when they revealed who'd been in the latex. Feel free to come up with alternate takes on the character -- another ghost, an Lovecraftian entity that uses the suit to give it a comprehensible form, The Author (if you want to go all meta and screw with the fourth wall), etc.

Finally, remember: correct grammar and spelling are our friends.
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