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The Laughing Academy
A Life of Noisy Desperation
WHITE COLLAR 2.05, "Unfinished Business" 
10th-Aug-2010 09:07 pm
White Collar - OT3
Live commentary:
  • Hey, they shot that near my office! I recognize the steakhouse awning.
  • Telescoping baton FTW!
  • Giving your business card to a con man? Probably a bad idea. (5 minutes later) VINDICATED.
  • Neal with his back to the wall, literally.
  • "That the Bureau's recovery rate, not mine."
  • Really? She couldn't change clothes at her place? Or in the car on the way there?
  • "And cocked it?" "Yeah." "...You've come back from worse."
  • "The Raphael you stole." "A print of the stolen painting." (Because anything you say can and will...Seriously, it's dumb of her to keep mentioning that she's hoping Neal will let something slip. He'll never spin enough rope to hang himself if you keep tugging on it.)
  • "I do think you'd make a sublime Danny Zuko."
  • I'm glad he asked "Goldfish?" instead of "Cat?"
  • As soon as they brought up skeletons in the closet, I knew it was going to be a body.
  • Man, that greenscreen sucks.
  • "I'm glad my grasp of Gothic literature is a source of amusement to you." I LOVE THIS SHOW.
  • "What's his name?" "Steve Price." *flail*
  • I wonder if she's going to suggest a trade -- the recording for the Raphael? (10 minutes later) Nope, or not today at least. Looks like we'll get to see her try that soup.

In conclusion: beautiful insurance company investigator versus charming criminal. How long until someone references The Thomas Crown Affair?
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