Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢ (laughingacademy) wrote,
Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

*waves goodbye to this week, refrains from kicking it in ass*

Can I go home now?

How about now?


Things to Do
  • Laundry
  • Yuletide fic
  • Down the Chimney Affair fic
  • Xmas travel options (i.e., please don't let all the flights to Tampa be sold out)
  • Tonight’s 8 p.m. double-bill of The Invisible Man and Frankenstein, the start of a weeklong James Whale series at Film Forum (Note: Bill Condon’s bio of Whale, Gods and Monsters, starring Ian McKellen, is playing at 10 p.m. on Saturday)
  • Ooh, Dollhouse returns tonight!
  • My department is having a poetry contest: "a Holiday-themed Haiku; or a minimum of 50 words in any style or format of writing (so creativity will be weighed upon heavily)". Entries will be printed out, posted on a wall, and voted on. Lord have mercy.

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