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I’m just pulling things out at random

Praise Kalki,* I think the cough is finally going away. (I think some of my co-workers were itching to throw me into a padded cell just to stop the noise.) If I wake up tomorrow without a throat full of baby shoggoths, I will proclaim myself well and truly cured.


Alas, Eastwick, we hardly knew ye. Apparently ABC is going to air the remainder of the ordered episodes, and that will be it. While I’ll concede that it was never quite the giddy supernatural screwball comedy series I was hoping for — except perhaps for the moon madness episode — is the show really worse than the V reboot? (Which, so far? UGH. Clunky dialogue, bad pacing, totally lacking in suspense.) Ah well, have a valedictory montage from


Dang it, I am probably going to miss the DWNY Waters of Mars viewing party, because a newly married friend is having a instead-of-a-wedding-reception (she and her boyfriend basically tied the knot at her father’s deathbed) at the Brooklyn Museum of Art that night. Maybe I could leave early...?


I wonder if the Supernatural powers that be intended to air this week’s Sam-and-Dean-go-to-a-fan-convention episode right after last week’s Sam-and-Dean-bounce-through-TV-parodies episode, or if the back-to-back meta is due to network meddling? Also, has anyone else pointed out that Dean’s affirmative answer to his game show question, "Would your Mother and Father still be alive if your brother was never born?", may NOT be correct? True, if San had never been born they probably wouldn’t have been killed by demons, but that doesn’t guarantee they’d be alive — after all, the John Winchester in Dean’s genie-generated dream world was dead of heart failure, if memory serves.


Oh! Almost forgot to say: I’m signed up for Yuletide and the Man from Uncle Secret Santa Affair, so that’s at least two fics I’ll have to whomp out in the next month. *cracks fingers*


In conclusion, John Barrowman:

* No, I’m not Hindu; I’ve reading a lot of James Branch Cabell lately.
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