Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢ (laughingacademy) wrote,
Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

I needed that

I’ve been in a funk all day — I’m sick and tired (literally), my home computer is still out of commission, the anti-gay-marriage asshats in Maine won...and then I learned that Wil Wheaton* did all the ADR for the Romulan voices in the Star Trek reboot. So yes, much of the the world is still ruled by hate and decrepitude, but sometimes Steve the Fruitbat grants us a glimmer of hope and happiness.

* Full disclosure: I was never part of the Wesley-Crusher-Die-Die-Die! contingent, and in fact had a massive geek!crush on Wil back in the day.
Tags: #fail, angst, is my geek showing?, mens sana in corpore sano, star trek

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