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Mingled FAIL and WIN

  • Managed to buy a CPU fan of the right size from a computer repair place a few blocks from my apartment and install it myself.
  • However, pushing the on switch yielded absolutely no results, so I hauled the ’puter to the place where I bought the fan for diagnosis and possible repair.
  • But wait! During the weekly(-ish) phone conversation with Dad, he said he’d send me a Sony Vaio that’s been sitting in a closet since he quit his last job. Better Living Through Hand-Me-Downs!
  • Volunteered at the WFMU Record Fair and spent Sunday morning selling tickets (and gently informing one customer than no, handing over four $2-off-admission coupons would not get him in for free). This year I practiced restraint when cruising the dealer tables. Spoils:
    Get Lost, by the Magnetic Fields — An inexplicable gap in my music collection is finally filled.

    Feelin’ Kinda Patton, by Patton Oswalt — Never heard of the guy until Ratatouille, then bought Werewolves and Chocolate and fell like a lead brick.

    Decksanddrumsandrockandroll, by Propellorheads — Sonofabitch, misfiled! According to iTunes this is actually The Rabbit in the Moon Remixed, Vol. 1. Such are the perils of the WFMU $1 bins.

    Chamber Music Ensembles; United States Military Academy, 200 Years of Excellence, Volumes I and II, by various permutations of the U.S. Military Academy Band of West Point — The track listing which sealed the deal: “‘Londonderry Air’ — West Point Tuba Quartet.”

    Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, by Tom Waits. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen was a puppet show called “Tom Waits’ Haunted Basement,” which starred a wooden Tom Waits marionette that smoked a cigarette.

  • Did anyone else see Werewolves: Dark Survivors on Animal Planet? It was a moderately interesting exercise in speculative xenobiology (what if werewolves were humans infected with a mutated, inheritable strain of rabies?) marred by the otherwise intelligent female scientist’s insistence on Tempting Fate. (JESUS CHRIST IT’S A WEREWOLF, GET IN THE CAR!)

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