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Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

Customer Service FAIL

As I’ve mentioned previously, this past weekend the CPU fan of my desktop computer* apparently gave up the ghost, leaving me with no home Internet connection. (whimper) Since in my experience having someone else repair one’s computer is insanely expensive, I decided to try replacing the fan myself. This involved unplugging eleventy billion cables; working out how to open the housing without injury to myself or the machine; finding the fan in question (cleverly concealed in a bright green plastic housing connecting the motherboard to a vent in the case); and then detaching the fan, again without hurt to myself or the computer.

So, fan in hand — well, in a plastic bag because it had the accumulated dust of ages upon it — I went downtown to J&R on my lunch break. Surely, the staff of this “New York institution since 1971” with “the best service and lowest prices around” would fulfil my needs!

Reader, they did not.

“Wow, this is an old fan,” observed the sale clerk. “I don’t think we can replace this.”

“None of these would work?” I asked plaintively, gesturing to a display rack bearing dozens of fans in various sizes. Some of them had LEDs and multiple speed settings.

“Let me ask my co-worker. He’s an expert.”

We asked the co-worker. He proclaimed himself utterly stumped.

So I came back to work and found this fan in two seconds by running a Google search on the brand name and model number of the old fan. Then I went to the J&R website, ran a search for “92 mm fan”, and came up with half a dozen hits, all of which are listed as “in stock.”

Keep in mind, I’m just the idiot customer; they’re the alleged experts.

Think I’ll have better luck at RadioShack?

* Unlike seemingly everyone else on my friends list, I have never named my computer. If I had, it would probably have been something along the lines of “Dilatory Bastard.”

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