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Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

Eastwick 1.05, “Mooning and Crooning”

Wow. That...was actually kind of good. Still cheesy, but I didn’t cringe at any of the dialogue (trust me, this is a huge improvement over the previous episodes), and I thought they pitched the farce just right.

Have they ever explicitly stated on the show what Penny’s job is? I ask because during the scene when she was pushing Joanna to work on the Van Horne/Hart article I was wondering, If you’re so het up on the subject why don’t you work on the story? I figured she was in some kind of clerical position, since she’s the person who (mis)arranged the newspaper’s archives. Aha, according to Penny’s bio on the official site, she’s a fact-checker. So presumably she has researching skills; maybe she’s just not a writer. Or, maybe [SPOILER]Jamie[/SPOILER], Penny’s “anonymous source” wants Joanna to write the article, to break up Darryl’s coven. Also, I wonder if Joanna is being led to information the “source” already possesses, or he’s using her to uncover real secrets.

Speaking of Darryl, he was in top form, declaring, “I am making sweet love to this bad boy!” as he tickled the ivories. (Based on the camera angles, I guess Paul Gross can play guitar but not piano.) Then, when Kat apologized for possibly causing his restaurant to burn down with her torch song, he pointed out that hey, his company made the candles. (Oh, and I was thinking, Man, they’re lucky the drapes haven’t caught on fire right before the place went up. Excellent timing, show!)

Oh, Kat. Will the Smokin’ Volunteer Firefighter (and this was the first time I thought, I’d hit that) was right to say that you were gorgeous in that red dress (did anyone else think of a pocket-sized Jessica Rabbit?), but you should have skedaddled there and then. Also, the way you clutched your belly when Darryl spoke of a moment’s lust causing a lifetime’s sorrow ... woman, have you never heard of prophylactics? You, a health-care professional who has five kids? (Then again, maybe that’s why you’ve had five kids in ten years.) However, I do clear you of breaking the Girl Code, specifically the tenet Thou Shalt Not Poach Thine Sister’s Fella. It’s been two weeks (thank you, expository dialogue) since Joanna stood up Will for a tumble with her scumbag ex, and between that and the mind-control dub-con the chances he’ll give her another chance are nigh nonexistent. Hey, I wonder when the fallout from Joanna confessing to Will about the hypno-gaze will arrive...?

Meanwhile, Roxie told Chad about her psychic abilities, and it was hilarious. He’s read many works about people with special powers: “Sequential art.” “Comic books?” “Graphic novels.” Hee! (Also, Rebecca Romijn claimed not to know who Professor X is. HEE!) She was amused but rolled with it, thereby demonstrating better judgment and taste than her daughter Mia, who smirked at Josh’s blue dragon (Pern?) poster and doesn’t want to destroy her rep by publicly hanging with the nerd.

Whoa, I almost forgot: show, that was a mean thing to do to any Joanna/Penny ’shippers that may be out there. And hey, was there any other same-sex activity during the town-wide lunacy, or was that it?

Ooh, and did everyone notice which card Chad was holding when Roxie had that vision of a funeral? The Ace of Spades: the death card. Nice touch.

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