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Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

Eastwick 1.03, “Madams and Madames”

Finally got around to seeing this week’s ep.

Dear lord, I really, really hate the title/credits font. Uck.

So, are all the episodes going to be titled “X and Y”?

Hopefully, at some point the writers will cut back on the clichés. The small-town clergyman turns out to be a pompous hypocrite? Really, guys?

Joanna and Penny’s relationship seems to run on wine and Eighties pop culture.

...The local brothel is Mrs. Yang’s Teahouse?!? *facepalm*

I wonder how much longer Kat will be able to maintain the Dana Scully act, given how she’s, you know, making the earth move, and calling down lightning, and alternately boiling and freezing an entire municipal swimming pool.

Paul Gross did not take his shirt off (boo!) but continues to be awesome. I love how Van Horne is clearly getting a kick out of treating Eastwick like a model train set. “Now I’m going to build a brewery! Lookit my giant scissors! Woo-woo!”

Re: the ghost, I work at the UN, and we are all about reconciliation, but I wish it had gone both ways. Okay, Gus wanted Roxie to say she was sorry for his death, and for her sake it’s good that she was able to go there, but I wish he’d apologized for what he did to Mia. As it stands, when the unrepentant would-be date rapist vanished he was either at peace, or en route to Hell.

Random observations:
  • Bun, no longer comatose but Not Okay, does her version of the Jack Nicholson meltdown in The Shining, drawing the triskele on all the paper she can reach while singing “Three Blind Mice” under her breath.
  • I imagine that Gus’s grisly demise, and Mia’s blowup at his swimmin’ hole memorial, will only solidify the Torcoletti women’s reputation as merry black widows.
  • What odds that the third woman in the photograph of Sebastian/Darryl will turn out to be the mother of one of our heroines?
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