Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢ (laughingacademy) wrote,
Admission to the Burning Ruins — 10¢

Unexpected!Man from U.N.C.L.E. is unexpected

The prize in tonight’s round of Spot the Actor at the Film Forum’s Brit Noir series: Leo G. Carroll (A.K.A. Alexander Waverly, the boss of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.), whose hound-dog features were nearly unrecognizable behind the massive mustache he sported as a confidential inquiries agent in So Evil My Love (1948), another Victorian potboiler about passion and poison.

The other movie on the bill was The Brothers (1947). It’s about the Macraes and the bonnie lass who was their doom, and it teaches an important lesson: when a mob turns up at your croft on the Isle of Skye inquiring after your younger brother and your maidservant, both missing these past two days, do not respond with “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Especially if you were the clever dick who came up with an execution method involving rope, cork floats, a hat with a fish tied on top, and the local seagulls.
Tags: films, is my geek showing?, man from u.n.c.l.e.
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