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I did say “need to,” not “going to”

apocalypsos linked to an expanded and updated version of RTD’s interview, which, like an idiot, I read.

It inspired me to make a shiny new icon.

I did enjoy the Scooby-Doo comment:
AE: There's been a lot of controversy about what you've done with Scooby Doo this season. Some fans have been rather upset...

Russell T. Davies: Good, that means people care. Of course, the people who do care, are just nine or so hysterical women out there on the internet.

AE: [cartoon head scratch sound] Uh, wait, let me check my notes: it's good that people care so much, but there aren't that many people out there who actually care so much, so that's good?

RTD: Right. Precisely.

AE: Okay, moving on. So a number of people have been upset with the direction of Scooby Doo this season. For example, many were upset when you killed off Velma. So Velma is now dead, and there's no chance she's coming back? Like some monster's not gonna pull off a mask in an episode or two and everybody's like "oh, look, it's Velma under the mask"? Nothing like that?

RTD: No, Velma's dead. And I think it would be disrespectful to Velma to try and bring her back, so she's entirely 100% dead.

AE: Okay. But then you also killed off Fred in a later episode.

RTD: Yes.

AE: And then a few weeks later, you killed off Daphne.

RTD: Yep. She's not coming back.

AE: And maybe in your most controversial decision, you also killed off Shaggy.

RTD: Yes, Shaggy had to die, so that Scooby could drop a stick of dynamite onto that children's schoolbus and blow up all those kids. It was the only way to get him to a dark enough place.
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